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I Love the UK!   Friday, January 24, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

Stacey St George Hotel

More than half my family heritage started in the UK and Ireland. It's funny but I feel very comfortable and at peace every time I visit the UK. In December I was lucky enough to have a trip scheduled to the UK for work. 

You might say the UK in December? Why?! 

Well, for the past 10 years I have always visited the UK for the Craft Hobby + Stitch Trade Show, but here's the kicker...It's always in February!  Needless to say, it's cold in February and sometimes rains. Going in December was a treat because I was able to see London and Stamford all decorated for Christmas. It was gorgeous and the weather was pretty darn good for December. I wanted to share some amazing and inspirational photos with everyone of some of the amazingly beautiful places I saw on the trip. Oh yeah! This February I will be there again happily freezing in Birmingham. Hope I see some of our UK following at Stitches! 

holiday decorations in the UK

Down small alley ways you  find the most Beautiful shops in London.

This beautiful George Hotel in Stamford had upside down Christmas trees. 

St George of Stamford

upside down christmas tree

The decorations were magical at the George! 

Michael in a hat

Michael, Spellbinders' Director of Product Development looking like my twin, only he actually owns that hat ... I was playing dress up! 

Love this store called Liberty! Really cool stuff in there and...

Liberty Store

Look what i stumbled on to ....Our very own, Linda  Peterson's latest book!

Linda Peterson book

Stacey and Donald

Tea time with our VP of sales Donald at the Ampersand Hotel.

Happy Crafting!


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Thank You, Team!   Friday, January 17, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

Wow…What can I say that hasn’t already been shared? CHA is always a time where I get my creative juices flowing. It gives me a few minutes to really enjoy sharing with everyone what has been happening at Spellbinders. As you have seen, we have been a wee bit busy these last 7 months. I enjoyed so much it is hard to narrow it down in just one blog post!

I have been asked, what part of the booth was my favorite? I would have to say each room and space had something really special to inspire anyone, but the overall thing I am most proud of is the team here at Spellbinders. They truly gave up so much this year to make this show amazing. I really could not be more proud of them. Without their amazing dedication to countless hours in the evenings, on the weekends and during the holidays (precious time spent away from their families) to make sure everything was perfect none of what you've seen would have been possible. This post is my Thank You to them.

Thank you team spellbinders

To our new CEO Greg Tipsord who got a crash course in our industry last CHA, thank you for stepping in and inspiring all of us to raise the bar. 

Thank You to our Customer Support team of Amanda Hall and Karen Haas for always being so positive and happy to every customer who calls. 

To Operations team of Joe Hall, Barry Brooks, Julie Heiserman, Kimber Lambert and Laura Mills, thank you for always making sure quality products get shipped on time, our bills get paid and those countless other jobs no one knows you do. 

To the Sales Team of Donald Erlichman, David Alexander, Joe Fraioli, and LaDonna Harbecke, thank you for the amazing skills you brought to this adventure!! 

To our Marketing and PR team of Terre Fry, Doris Emich, Kendra Tillman, and Margie Higuchi, thank you for holding it together and helping us look our absolute best at the show and online during this crazy time of change.

To the Design Team of Richard Garay, Kim Hupke, AJ Otto, Ken Oliver, Krista Koenig, thank you for the extra hours you spent to really bring the vision to life and a special shout out to our Studio, Jeremy Bright and Cynthia Sanchez, Oh My Gosh! I cannot even begin to thank the both of you for the amazing catalog and fliers that you spent countless hours on. This show would not have been the success it was without your dedication. 

To our Product Development team of Jeppe Glaser, Michael Siegenthaler, Bonnie Thomas, Virgie Begay, Frank Quinol, and Tocke Frazier and Trends Manager, Josie Cirncione, you all have really inspired so much in me that I cannot thank you enough for making my vision a reality.  

Finally, to my Executive Assistant, Cindy Alexander, thank you for making sure that no one is ever forgotten and everyone is cared for. I am not sure how you keep it all straight but you always do. 

Please, join me and leave a comment thanking anyone on the Spellbinders' team who's helped you in big and small ways in the last year.  Thank you for being apart of this amazing community!


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CHA Weekend   Saturday, January 11, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

CHA mega show

I just wanted to post a quick note from the Craft and Hobby Association's Mega Show in Anaheim, CA this weekend. I can't believe how quickly a year passes by. I am here surrounded by my husband, my best friends and my Spellbinders' family. Somebody pinch me!!  

I had to share a little of this experience with you, our devoted community. Below you will find a few shots from the week, so far. Throughout the weekend, watch our FacebookInstagram and Twitter accounts for more photos of the booth, classes, the designers and anything else we think would be fun to share. You can follow the #Spellbinders and #CHAShow hashtags on our posts. 

One last thing...You're invited to join our live stream from CHA, tomorrow, Sunday morning at 9:30a PST . Here's the link to RSVP and to join us: Spellbinders Live Stream from CHA 2014. Because CHA is a fast moving environment, please, watch our Facebook and Twitter accounts for any changes to this scheduled event. Happy Crafting!

**UPDATE 1/12/14...*TIME CHANGE*  Spellbinders live stream from CHA is at 8am PST. We hope you can still join us. The link works whether you watch it live or on demand.

Stacey and Greg

Spellbinders' team at the airport

Team members having breakfast

Stacey and Jeff

Stacey and Cindy

Spellbinders CHA booth

Spellbinders CHA booth craft room area


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A New Year of Creativity!   Friday, January 03, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

a gilded life close up

This is my first Stacey Shares post of a new year and I've got exciting news!

Since their initial appearance with us at the Emmy's and our announcement at Spellbound, we haven't publicly mentioned much about our partnership with my dear friends, Shea Fragoso and Debbie Murray of A Gilded Life. A Gilded Life has teamed up with Spellbinders to create a gorgeous line of products for the creative world to enjoy! Personally, I couldn't be more proud of the efforts put forth by Shea, Debbie and the entire Spellbinders team. Every part of the line is truly candy for your eyes. 

Next week beginning on Monday, January 6th we launch our highly anticipated Sneak Peek and Giveaway. During Sneak Peek, you will not only get to see our new line of products, but you will have an opportunity to win them! Our A Gilded Life line is included in the giveaway. How exciting is that? The week of sneak peeks and giveaways culminates with a grand prize winner of all the products shown that week and Spellbinders' appearance at Craft and Hobby Associations' Mega Show (CHA) where our complete new product line will be revealed . 

stacey caron CHA crates

These crates are headed to CHA where we'll be unveiling our new MEGA booth. 

# of designers and Spellbinders' team members: 8

# of hours: 12 hours a day since December

# of crates headed to Anaheim for CHA: 17

seeing months of hard work come together: priceless

For next week's Stacey Shares post I'm taking you behind the scenes of CHA and giving you my team's view of the show. Watch for that post next Saturday, day one of the show. 

Our 10 Year anniversary is a year long celebration and we're just getting started! Don't miss a moment! Subscribe to our newsletter and/or follow us online to stay connected with all the exciting things happening.

**Update: The winner of this past Sunday's Featured Designer Giveaway is Kelly S. 

Kelly, please check your email to claim your prize.**

Happy New Year!


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Resolutions   Friday, December 27, 2013
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

Has it really been a year? It's hard to believe how quickly the year has passed. As I reflect on this year and prepare for 2014, my thoughts turn to making resolutions (or goals) that will better my life in the new year. 

Last year's resolutions was a promise to myself to be a little more selfish. You may be wondering, why more selfish? My number one priority is always family. I was determined to be more selfish with the time and opportunities I have to spend with my family. The results: this past year I finally convinced my best friend and Sister Cindy to relocate to Phoenix with her family. It took some work to get the details worked out, but we got her here! (6 months later and I am still smiling!) I, also, promised myself I would make more time for myself and my husband, Jeff. I did!

Looking forward to 2014, I am going to set the bar a little higher! I want to work on finding more time to enjoy the ride a little more. I am going to try very hard to take a minute and smell those flowers that grow outside the window. I will take my dogs for a quiet walk with Jeff through the neighborhood and enjoy the quiet moments. Anyone who knows me, knows slowing down is not one of the things I do very well…Lol. But next year, I'm going to give it a whirl!

I want to hear from you. What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? I would love to hear them and maybe, adopt some of yours!

Happy New Year!!


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TRADITIONS   Friday, December 20, 2013
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

It’s that time of year again, when we start to create the magic of the season by continuing traditions that started long ago or by creating new ones that will last generations.

A tradition that started when I was a little girl and my sisters and I have continued with our children is the PJ Elf… Yes, there is an elf that comes throughout the month to ensure that the kids who are on the good list have their rooms clean and continue to be good leading up until Christmas…They also visit the naughty list kids and if they have turned over a new leaf and are keeping their rooms clean and helping around the house on Christmas Eve they will bestow upon the kids a new pair of PJ’s and slippers that will remind Santa that yes, he is visiting a house of a good list kid.

Another tradition that I have not been able to indulge in for the past 6 years is getting together with my sisters and having a King Crab leg dinner and enjoying time with each other on Christmas Eve…I am so excited that I am TOTALLY indulging in this tradition now that I have my sister Cindy and her family here in Arizona!! I finally feel like this holiday season is going to be the best!! My brother-in-law started a new tradition with his daughter (he will be adding my sons and Jeff) of going to a shelter on Christmas Day and providing a meal for the needy. What an amazing tradition to start with all of our kids this year!! I really could not be more proud!!

Please, share some of your holiday traditions with me in the comments. I want to wish each of you a very Merry Holiday Season!!


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Spellbinders' 2014 Blog Team Announcement   Friday, December 13, 2013
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

There's many changes happening here at Spellbinders. It's an exciting time with exciting things that we have in store for this upcoming year. I am so thrilled to be able to announce the 2014 Spellbinders Blog Team with the world! 

The Blog Team is an invitation only group. We've never had a try out or contest for it. It is an elite team made up of some of my very favorite designers and I'm sure they are some of your favorites too! 

Seth Apter


Seth Apter returns for a second year as a blog team member! Seth Apter is a mixed-media artist, author, and instructor from New York City. His artwork has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions throughout the United States and Canada and can be found in multiple books, independent zines, and national magazines. Seth is the voice behind The Pulse, a series of international, collaborative projects that are the basis of his book "The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed", he is also the artist behind two workshop DVDs: "Easy Mixed Media Surface Techniques" and "Easy Mixed Media Techniques for the Art Journal". He designs stencils for StencilGirl Products. His second book, "The Mixed Media Artist: Art Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Dreams From Over 40 Amazing Artists", was released this past fall! You can follow Seth at

Heidi Blakenship

Heidi Blankenship returns again for a  year!! I have known Heidi for 10 years and who would have thought that when you called Spellbinders I would have answered the phone that day! Thank you to Heidi’s husband Eric and two boys for sharing her with us!! Heidi’s love of paper crafting, jewelry making and mixed media are what has endeared her to us!! She has participated in multiple tutorials, product reviews, blog hops and overall crafty goodness on our behalf for years! I would encourage you to follow Heidi on her amazing journeys of crafting goodness at 

Darsie Bruno

Darsie Bruno returns to Spellbinders this year in a whole new role! Darsie has decided to share her talents with the Blog Team! We are so excited with this new addition and the opportunity to feature Darsie in a whole new arena! Darsie has three amazing adult children. Darsie grew up crafting and her passion grew even more when she moved to New York and renovated a Victorian mansion back to its original splendor. She ventured into fabrics and enjoyed several years of learning how to quilt. Then when she discovered altered arts and artist trading cards it wasn’t long before she found paper crafting and the rest is what we like to call the beginning of an amazing journey! To get to know our newest member, follow Darsie at

Sherry Cheever


Sherry Cheever returns again for another year of badness.. Lol I am kidding.. Sherry is and will always be my go to girl for straight talk about crafting! She has been crafting all of her life, starting out making potholders, painting and counted cross-stitch. She went on to minor in art while in college! Sher really got into stamping and papercrafting back in 2005.. Sherry’s real passion lays in altered art and vintage projects. Her amazing talent has been with us for the past… years and I believe that she does her very best work when she is able to work with dies, inks and repurposed items. Sherry’s amazing adventures can be found on her blog weekly at

Linda Duke


Linda Duke is the artist that I want to be when I finally grow up! Linda’s artwork has mesmerized me since before I even knew her. Linda’s style is the elegance and sophistication that makes one stop and go WOW!! Linda studied art in Europe and her ever evolving curiosity for all things craft has been a constant source of inspiration for her. Linda ventured into mix media this past year and brought us the ability to now wear her art oppose to just holding it in your hands.

Becca Feeken


Becca Feeken is joining us for 6th year!! Becca has become the quiet in my very stormy life! She is always the designer that I look to when I need to take a breath and quiet the things around me. Her inspirational artwork has allowed me to find my peace on more than one occasion. Becca creates from a place that showcases her faith. She has been a stamper for more than 10 years and has been a crafter all of her life. She like most of us collected long before she sat down and really started creating. Then back in 2008 she made a vow to use those products and the rest they say is history! Her blog is usually how I start my mornings and know that I will be so inspired for the whole day! 

Debbie Olson


Debbie Olson is one of our original Blog Team members!  She has been with us since our release of Nestabilities back in the day!  Debbie is one of the most kind and genuine people I know, I’ve never heard her say a negative thing in all the years I’ve known her and that is saying something!!!  Debbie’s background is in graphic design and lends itself so well to her clean line style inspiring her worldwide audience.  Debbie is a treasured dear friend.

Michelle Woerner


Michelle Woerner returns this year to Spellbinders as a Blog Team member! In the past Michelle has had active roles as a Design Team Member and a Spellblogger!  I’ve enjoyed watching Michelle grow as an artist, inspiring her audience through her blog and many publications!  Michelle is a very busy lady keeping up with her two boys and their activities, we have that in common!  Michelle always has a big smile and a warm hug for me, I’m so happy she is a Spellbinders designer!

I can not believe how incredibly blessed Spellbinders is to have access to such a group of amazing designers! I know that this year’s Blog Team will not only wow you but will inspire you like nothing before! Be sure to check out their blogs weekly when they share their latest inspirations using Spellbinders products!  


P.S. Mark your calendar: 

  • Monday, December 16 - Spellbinders Blog Team Design-abilities Blog Hop! The blog team have created their own special hop for your viewing pleasure! They hop every other month on the 16th!
  • Monday, January 6 - Friday, January 10 - Join the Spellbinders Blog Team and the Spellbloggers when they share CHA Sneak Peeks with the world!  Be the first to check out their inspiration and have a chance to win the dies being shared!

 Please, help me welcome the 2014 Spellbinders Blog Team by leaving a comment below!



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Thankful   Friday, November 29, 2013
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

As we pause in the U.S. to reflect on being thankful for during this Thanksgiving holiday, I thought I would share with you the people and moments I'm most thankful for from this year. Here is my ever-growing list in no particular order…;) 

My Family: who has made me the Queen of our family! 

After all, I am the only girl. *wink* Thank you Jeff, Nathan & Justin!

My parents: Clayton & Mary. They celebrate their 50th anniversary this weekend 

in Phoenix with all three of their daughters! 

My sisters & brothers-in-law: this needs no explanation. Eventually, Christy will join us in Phoenix! LOL!

My nieces and nephew: Jordan, Bree, Keeley and Brandon! 

My friends: you know who you are. Thank you for always being there for me, no matter what! 

My business partners: Robert, Rick, and the whole RAF family. It's an honor and blessing to be with such amazing people!! 

Spellbinders' CEO, Greg: He shows me daily what business possibilities lie ahead for Spellbinders! The sky's the limit and I thank him!! 

My fur babies: Sampson & Gabriel who are such a comfort to snuggle with after a long day! 

The many creative people in my life who inspire me to create beautiful products ;) 

Spellbinders' customers & fans who continue to support and believe in us!

Who are you counting among those you are most thankful for this holiday season? Please, share in the comments.

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Emmy Awards Fashion Dress Forms!   Friday, September 06, 2013
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

I just LOVE fashion. Some say... I have a passion for fashion! Actually... much of my love for style and fashion is expressed in each and every one of Spellbinders die templates. The curves, the flow, the cuts, the intricacy... each cut creating its own little bit of style. Some of my favorite red carpet fashions embody that. 

Spellbinders 2013 Emmy Awards

Last week, I was a guest on Try It Tuesday, our LIVE video chat. It was so much fun! Richard, our Senior Education Manager, showed us how to create these amazing paper dress forms... perfect for a little soiree! Because Spellbinders is going to be a part of the Emmy Awards celebration... these glitzy dress forms were a big hit! We decided to give one of them away to one of you! The idea was... for you to create your own Emmy inspired dress form. We received lots of comments and lots of excitement... but no photos of entries! 

So... let's do this... leave a comment below describing your perfect Emmy Awards red carpet dress.... and we'll do a random drawing. I'll announce the winner in next week's blog post. Sound good!? Great! 

Don't forget... you can get your own Spellbinders Emmy badge to use on your social media channels or blogs here:

PS... the big winner from last week's Facebook contest was Cecelia Johnson! Congrats! She's been notified via Facebook.


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Pin of the Week: Rock Jar   Friday, June 28, 2013
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

Stacey Caron Spellbinders Pinterest

I am officially addicted... This week, I am sharing with you a new way to create an amazing keepsake! You can click the photo to read past inspirations on Pinterest. I love the idea of being able to gain inspiration just from positive thoughts. Creating a jar filled with all of the little notes that I write to my boys is the perfect way to remind them of how much I love them, think about them or just encourage them. Each emotion is forever saved in a jar that will never fade, grow old, or need dusting!


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