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Stacey Chairs Teen Lifeline Event   Friday, September 19, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

Stacey Caron at Teen Lifeline fundraiser 2013

Stacey with Kathy, Peer Counselor, and Jen Kuhn, Communications Specialist

Hi Friends, 

Last school year, one of my sons lost a friend from school to suicide. I became extremely concerned when my son started asking my husband, Jeff, and I the hard questions, regarding teen suicide and we really couldn't answer them. I am proud to say I have partnered with a great organization to help bring education for parents and teens on methods for preventing suicide. Teen Lifeline is a 24 hour suicide prevention hotline for teens. The hotline is totally operated by teens. Any teen struggling through thoughts of suicide can contact the hotline and talk it through with a teen peer that has been trained to help get other teens through crisis. 

I have the honor of being the Event Chair for Teen Lifeline's Connections of Hope Fundraising Dinner. Through Spellbinders®, we have the ability to enhance the lives of teens in our community by providing support through creating invitations, centerpieces and funds that will help raise money that will continue to allow Teen lifeline to operate through the next year. 

Probably about once a month, over the next few weeks, here on the blog and on social media we will be sharing with you some of the different phases of the event. We hope that by sharing this part of my life with you that you will help us spread the word about the event and consider donating to their cause. 

Stacey Caron at Teen Lifeline fundraiser 2013

Stacey with Michelle Moorhead, Executive Director Teen Life

Stacey Caron at Teen Lifeline fundraiser 2013

Left to Right: Shannon Barthelemy, Stacey, Alfredo Molina, Renee Dee and Jennifer Collins

In case you're interested, here's the flyer for sharing the details of the event. Thank you in advance for your love and support. 

Teen Lifeline Connections of Hope Dinner

I'm curious, what charities do you support with your time and/or your dollars? Leave a comment and a link for us in the comments.


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Thank you, Arlington and a Special Announcement!   Sunday, June 22, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

What can I possibly say about Arlington, Texas? THANK YOU ALL !!!

Thank you for your warmth and hospitality at the Great American Scrapbook Convention. I told many of you we got our start in Texas and you showed up to hug me and take our classes. I am so grateful! We had an absolute amazing time meeting old friends and even made new ones. For this post I just want to share some of my memories from my time in Arlington,TX and I have a special announcement at the end of the post.

My make and take was so slammed! It was exciting the ladies loved the Gilded Life product make and take ! 

Great American Scrapbook Expo memories

Great American Scrapbook Expo memories

Great American Scrapbook Expo memories

Great American Scrapbook Expo memories

One of my very first Spellbinders customers...She was soaking it all in! 

Great American Scrapbook Expo memories

One of my best friends in life and in business, Kim Hupke!

Great American Scrapbook Expo memories

My team working it! (from left to right: Kazan, Lynne, my mom, Mary, me, Janice, Rose and Kim)

Great American Scrapbook Expo memories

Enjoying the "brothers" Garay, Richard and Joe!

Great American Scrapbook Expo memories

Richard Garay, Mary (my mom), Joe Garay (Richard's brother)

Great American Scrapbook Expo memories

My ACE VP of Sales, Dave Ruprecht

Great American Scrapbook Expo memories

For those I've had the privilege to meet at our shows, I hope you will stay in touch with me. Again, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Love, Support and Friendship!


Celebrations banner

Tomorrow, Monday 6/23, Spellbinders will launch our newest collection, Celebra'tions™ by Richard Garay.  The collection features a delightful assortment of stamps, dies and more. We will be featuring product tutorials on the blog and in our Idea Gallery from 6/23-7/11. We will choose a weekly winners of our new products! The winners will be announced during my "Stacey Shares" post every Friday. Don't miss the fun! 

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5 Tips for Craft Room Bliss!   Friday, June 06, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

Many of you may or may not know I was featured in Where Women Create magazine in September of last year. I am so thankful that my husband, Jeff, finally, after 12 years of waiting patiently…well sometimes patiently (LOL), built me the craft room of my dreams. It was fit for a princess! 

Stacey's Craft room

(image source: Where Women Create magazine, September 2013. photographer: Alyson Tylor Jones)

Notice I said was! After all that planning, waiting and organizing we ended up moving after only a year of enjoying my room!  My first instinct was to rip the entire room out and move it with me to my new home. After measuring and scheming on how I could make it work I realized it was just not possible. I had to make the decision to say goodbye to my beautiful space. Knowing the next owner will love and enjoy the room makes me smile.

Now that I am relatively settled in the new home its time, once again, to plan my creative space. I plan to chronicle my this process over the next few weeks. I hope you will follow my journey to craft room bliss, because as many of you know by now, there is never a dull moment with me.

Today, I want to share some tips with you on how I go about creating my craft room. I would love for you to leave a comment about your creative space.

Stacey's 5 Tips for Craft Room Bliss!


Tip 1

Start by embracing your style. Your craft room or space will be a place, you, hopefully, spend lots of time. Don't hold back! Make it comfy and make it a reflection of you.

Tip 2

Gather inspiration materials, such as magazines. Spend some time just looking around in your favorite stores and/or check out ideas on Pinterest.  There is a world of inspiration out there!


Tip 3

Organize your craft supplies in an easy to maintain system and make them easily accessible. My last craft room was gorgeous but looking back I wish I had more lower cabinet space.


Tip 4

Make sure you have a well lit area to work in.  Invest in overhead lighting and light for your direct area. I have an Ott Lite and love it. The key is to choose a light that works for your space and fits your budget!


Tip 5

Don’t rush the process. Enjoy it and take your time. You have a lifetime to discover your style and to create. If you get overwhelmed just walk away for a few days and start again. You should be having fun and feeling inspired!


Next week check back for more progress on my craft room journey. Please, leave me a comment with your best tip for creating craft room (space) bliss! I'll share 1 or 2 of my favorites on my Facebook page over the weekend. 

Happy Crafting!

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Back In The Saddle   Friday, May 09, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

As most of you may or may not know, I haven’t taught a class in quite some time. I have been so focused on so many things the few past years that I have lost track of time. I promised myself this year that I was going back to the core. The core of who I am and what I love most about this amazing industry that I have been a part of for the past 10 years.

 Stacey and her sister, Cindy, in Roswell, NM

Last weekend, I went right back to my roots… literally…Lol!!  The very first time I ever taught with Spellbinders was with my sister… This was the one and only time I got to teach with her before she got involved with a career that prevented her from teaching with me. This time I got to take her to the very first place I taught for National Scrapbooking Day which was in 2005 at my friend Dene Van Winkle’s store “Imagine That” in beautiful New Mexico!! I love Dene’s store because it is like a scrapbookers/card makers dream!! The store is 7200 sq. feet of amazingness all in one place!!

National Scrapbooking Day in Roswell,CA

So, as you can imagine I was nervous, but like with most classes, Cindy and I soon found our rhythm and it was like we were helping friends of ours just enjoy the comfort of crafting with each other!! It was a day packed with 2 amazing projects with our new A Gilded Life line, 3 breath taking cards, and one down and dirty journal!!

Crafting in Roswell

I am very proud to say everyone completed their projects and I created some new memories that will last a life time!! A very special thank you to my dear friend Dene and her whole staff at Imagine That! I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to sign the Designer Wall!!

Imagine That store in Roswell, NM



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Mega Fun at Mega Meet 2014 in Novi, MI!   Friday, May 02, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

2014 Novi Mega Meet

This time next week I will be crafting with new and familiar friends and my team at Mega Meet in Novi, MI. Are you going? We hope you have plans to take the class we're offering. The handmade greetings class is being taught by our our VP of Creative Services, Richard Garay. I assure you don't want to miss it!

handmade greetings class

I would love to connect with those of you who plan on being there, as well. I will be around the Spellbinders' booth all weekend. One of the fun things I'll be doing at the booth is creating make and takes. We are featuring our new line of A Gilded Life products in the make and takes. We're making a silver version of this necklace on Thursday (May 8th) and Friday (May 9th) from 9:30 am – 11:30 am. 

**UPDATE** Stop by the booth on Friday (May 8th) and Saturday (May 9th) from 9:30 am – 11:30 am for the make and takes with Stacey.

Novi make and take

A Gilded Life™ Necklace Make & Take

On Saturday (May 10th) from 10:00 am – 11:00 am and  3:00 pm – 4:00 pm, I'll be signing Spellbinders craft inspiration books.  **UPDATE** Stop by the Spellbinders' booth on Thursday (May 8th) and Saturday (May 10th) for the book signing.

I am on the board for a local organization called Teen Lifeline and donations received from the purchase of the books will benefit the Teen Lifeline. Teen Lifeline is a safe, confidential and crucial crisis service for teens. You can learn more about it at

What is the best crafting, design or scrapbooking event you've been to in the last 18 months? What did you love about it?

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Do I Get Nervous on TV?   Friday, April 25, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

Stacey on HSN

Me and Holly in front of our display for HSN

People often ask me if I get nervous before going on TV. I don't think I would be human if I didn't get some butterflies before going on air. But... For the most part I have done this type of work for 8 years now, so I have learned over the years how to keep my anxiety under control. I put my mimd in a place of happiness...craft happiness! I think of how many people enjoy using our products! That makes me happy :)

HSN cameras

Look at all these cameras!

Stacey going on air on HSN

Being introduced for my segment on HSN on April 15th

When I think back to the beginning of Spellbinders I would have never imagine the place we are today. I am so thankful for the people who believed in my vision, all the supporters  through the years that still  come to the visit my mom at consumer shows. It's so amazing to know you are all still out there and be sure to come and visit me at the shows. I will be at a few this year!

HSN screenshot

Demoing one of great Spellbinders products!

David at HSN

My supportive brother-in-law, David on the HSN set

What helps you push past nervousness? Share your response in the comments.

Happy Crafting, friends!

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I Love the UK!   Friday, January 24, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

Stacey St George Hotel

More than half my family heritage started in the UK and Ireland. It's funny but I feel very comfortable and at peace every time I visit the UK. In December I was lucky enough to have a trip scheduled to the UK for work. 

You might say the UK in December? Why?! 

Well, for the past 10 years I have always visited the UK for the Craft Hobby + Stitch Trade Show, but here's the kicker...It's always in February!  Needless to say, it's cold in February and sometimes rains. Going in December was a treat because I was able to see London and Stamford all decorated for Christmas. It was gorgeous and the weather was pretty darn good for December. I wanted to share some amazing and inspirational photos with everyone of some of the amazingly beautiful places I saw on the trip. Oh yeah! This February I will be there again happily freezing in Birmingham. Hope I see some of our UK following at Stitches! 

holiday decorations in the UK

Down small alley ways you  find the most Beautiful shops in London.

This beautiful George Hotel in Stamford had upside down Christmas trees. 

St George of Stamford

upside down christmas tree

The decorations were magical at the George! 

Michael in a hat

Michael, Spellbinders' Director of Product Development looking like my twin, only he actually owns that hat ... I was playing dress up! 

Love this store called Liberty! Really cool stuff in there and...

Liberty Store

Look what i stumbled on to ....Our very own, Linda  Peterson's latest book!

Linda Peterson book

Stacey and Donald

Tea time with our VP of sales Donald at the Ampersand Hotel.

Happy Crafting!


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Thank You, Team!   Friday, January 17, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

Wow…What can I say that hasn’t already been shared? CHA is always a time where I get my creative juices flowing. It gives me a few minutes to really enjoy sharing with everyone what has been happening at Spellbinders. As you have seen, we have been a wee bit busy these last 7 months. I enjoyed so much it is hard to narrow it down in just one blog post!

I have been asked, what part of the booth was my favorite? I would have to say each room and space had something really special to inspire anyone, but the overall thing I am most proud of is the team here at Spellbinders. They truly gave up so much this year to make this show amazing. I really could not be more proud of them. Without their amazing dedication to countless hours in the evenings, on the weekends and during the holidays (precious time spent away from their families) to make sure everything was perfect none of what you've seen would have been possible. This post is my Thank You to them.

Thank you team spellbinders

To our new CEO Greg Tipsord who got a crash course in our industry last CHA, thank you for stepping in and inspiring all of us to raise the bar. 

Thank You to our Customer Support team of Amanda Hall and Karen Haas for always being so positive and happy to every customer who calls. 

To Operations team of Joe Hall, Barry Brooks, Julie Heiserman, Kimber Lambert and Laura Mills, thank you for always making sure quality products get shipped on time, our bills get paid and those countless other jobs no one knows you do. 

To the Sales Team of Donald Erlichman, David Alexander, Joe Fraioli, and LaDonna Harbecke, thank you for the amazing skills you brought to this adventure!! 

To our Marketing and PR team of Terre Fry, Doris Emich, Kendra Tillman, and Margie Higuchi, thank you for holding it together and helping us look our absolute best at the show and online during this crazy time of change.

To the Design Team of Richard Garay, Kim Hupke, AJ Otto, Ken Oliver, Krista Koenig, thank you for the extra hours you spent to really bring the vision to life and a special shout out to our Studio, Jeremy Bright and Cynthia Sanchez, Oh My Gosh! I cannot even begin to thank the both of you for the amazing catalog and fliers that you spent countless hours on. This show would not have been the success it was without your dedication. 

To our Product Development team of Jeppe Glaser, Michael Siegenthaler, Bonnie Thomas, Virgie Begay, Frank Quinol, and Tocke Frazier and Trends Manager, Josie Cirncione, you all have really inspired so much in me that I cannot thank you enough for making my vision a reality.  

Finally, to my Executive Assistant, Cindy Alexander, thank you for making sure that no one is ever forgotten and everyone is cared for. I am not sure how you keep it all straight but you always do. 

Please, join me and leave a comment thanking anyone on the Spellbinders' team who's helped you in big and small ways in the last year.  Thank you for being apart of this amazing community!


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CHA Weekend   Saturday, January 11, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

CHA mega show

I just wanted to post a quick note from the Craft and Hobby Association's Mega Show in Anaheim, CA this weekend. I can't believe how quickly a year passes by. I am here surrounded by my husband, my best friends and my Spellbinders' family. Somebody pinch me!!  

I had to share a little of this experience with you, our devoted community. Below you will find a few shots from the week, so far. Throughout the weekend, watch our FacebookInstagram and Twitter accounts for more photos of the booth, classes, the designers and anything else we think would be fun to share. You can follow the #Spellbinders and #CHAShow hashtags on our posts. 

One last thing...You're invited to join our live stream from CHA, tomorrow, Sunday morning at 9:30a PST . Here's the link to RSVP and to join us: Spellbinders Live Stream from CHA 2014. Because CHA is a fast moving environment, please, watch our Facebook and Twitter accounts for any changes to this scheduled event. Happy Crafting!

**UPDATE 1/12/14...*TIME CHANGE*  Spellbinders live stream from CHA is at 8am PST. We hope you can still join us. The link works whether you watch it live or on demand.

Stacey and Greg

Spellbinders' team at the airport

Team members having breakfast

Stacey and Jeff

Stacey and Cindy

Spellbinders CHA booth

Spellbinders CHA booth craft room area


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A New Year of Creativity!   Friday, January 03, 2014
by Stacey Caron   Post Type: From Stacey

a gilded life close up

This is my first Stacey Shares post of a new year and I've got exciting news!

Since their initial appearance with us at the Emmy's and our announcement at Spellbound, we haven't publicly mentioned much about our partnership with my dear friends, Shea Fragoso and Debbie Murray of A Gilded Life. A Gilded Life has teamed up with Spellbinders to create a gorgeous line of products for the creative world to enjoy! Personally, I couldn't be more proud of the efforts put forth by Shea, Debbie and the entire Spellbinders team. Every part of the line is truly candy for your eyes. 

Next week beginning on Monday, January 6th we launch our highly anticipated Sneak Peek and Giveaway. During Sneak Peek, you will not only get to see our new line of products, but you will have an opportunity to win them! Our A Gilded Life line is included in the giveaway. How exciting is that? The week of sneak peeks and giveaways culminates with a grand prize winner of all the products shown that week and Spellbinders' appearance at Craft and Hobby Associations' Mega Show (CHA) where our complete new product line will be revealed . 

stacey caron CHA crates

These crates are headed to CHA where we'll be unveiling our new MEGA booth. 

# of designers and Spellbinders' team members: 8

# of hours: 12 hours a day since December

# of crates headed to Anaheim for CHA: 17

seeing months of hard work come together: priceless

For next week's Stacey Shares post I'm taking you behind the scenes of CHA and giving you my team's view of the show. Watch for that post next Saturday, day one of the show. 

Our 10 Year anniversary is a year long celebration and we're just getting started! Don't miss a moment! Subscribe to our newsletter and/or follow us online to stay connected with all the exciting things happening.

**Update: The winner of this past Sunday's Featured Designer Giveaway is Kelly S. 

Kelly, please check your email to claim your prize.**

Happy New Year!


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