A2 Modern Stationery Card Creator Etched Dies

A2 Modern Stationery Card Creator Etched Dies

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A clean and contemporary rectangular design with opposite corners rounded. Perfect for those of us who love clean and simple (CAS) projects! For those who also want an 5 x 7 in version, we have S6-013 5 x 7 Modern Stationery set available. Spellbinders® Nestabilities® Card Creator brings a simple and unique solution to multiple crafting projects. The work is all done for you, no more measuring required. Simply...Choose your design, Assemble your pieces, Refine the details and you're Done!

Approximate Size(s):
Accent: 3 .875 x .25 in
1: 1.875 x 2.625 in
2: 1.625 x 2.875 in
3: 2.875 x 3.625 in
4: 2.625 x 3.875 in
5: 3.875 x 4.625 in
6: 3.625 x 4.875 in
7: 4.875 x 5.625 in