A2 Scalloped Borders Two Card Creator Etched Dies

A2 Scalloped Borders Two Card Creator Etched Dies

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This set of seven die templates features soft scalloped inspired edges with intricate details that makes this a wonderful addition to the Card Creator die template series! There are five different edge designs and two decorative inserts. Create continuous cuts and decorative edges with the edging dies or simply add a decorative design with the two insert dies, match up registration marks on the ends of the die template (outer two marks are to cut a 5.25 in card; inner two are for 4.25 in card). Spellbinders® Borderabilities® Card Creator dies cut, emboss and stencil with a single die template. Simply...Choose your design, Assemble your pieces, Refine the details and you're Done!

Approximate Size(s):
Edge 1: 6 x .875 in
Edge 2: 6 x .875 in
Edge 3: 6 x .875 in
Edge 4: 6 x .875 in
Edge 5: 6 x .875 in
Decorative Insert 1: 6 x .25 in
Decorative Insert 2: 6 x .25 in