Nestabilities Classic Scalloped Ovals LG Etched Dies

Nestabilities Classic Scalloped Ovals LG Etched Dies

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Classic Scalloped Ovals LG features five scalloped cutting and embossing edges in an Oval shape. Classic Scalloped Ovals LG can be stacked and layered with S4-110 Classic Ovals LG. Classic Scalloped Ovals LG have 22 scallops that scale down as the die templates decrease in size by .25-inch. This set is shorter and wider than Petite Scalloped Ovals. The difference between die template sizes within a Nestabilities® set is .25 in, which becomes a .25 in border when layering. The difference between LG and SM Nestabilities® sets is .25 in. Combing both the LG and SM sets of Nestabilities® will allow for .875 in borders when layering. Spellbinders® Nestabilities® cut, emboss and stencil with a single die template.