Nestabilities Nested Clipped Squares Etched Dies Halloween Collection by Becca Feeken


SKU S4-1069
Brand Spellbinders
Product Type Etched Dies
Product Family Nestabilities
Collection Halloween Collection
Designer Becca Feeken
Theme Holidays

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This Nested Clipped Squares Etched Die set is part of the Halloween Collection from Amazing Paper Grace by Becca Feeken. The set of seven nesting thin metal dies in a square-shaped designs. The opposite corners are straight edged making this an interesting geometric shape.

Spellbinders Nestabilities cut, emboss and stencil with a single die template.

Approximate Size:
Clipped Square 1: 3.37 x 3.37 in. 8.60 x 8.60 cm
Clipped Square 2: 3.00 x 3.00 in. 7.60 x 7.60 cm
Clipped Square 3: 2.63 x 2.63 in. 6.70 x 6.70 cm
Clipped Square 4: 2.25 x 2.25 in. 5.70 x 5.70 cm
Clipped Square 5: 1.88 x 1.88 in. 4.80 x 4.80 cm
Clipped Squire 6: 1.50 x 1.50 in. 3.80 x 3.80 cm
Clipped Square 7: 1.13 x 1.13 in. 2.90 x 2.90 cm

Product Type:
Etched Dies
Product Family:
Halloween Collection
Becca Feeken