Ornament Glimmer Hot Foil Plate Holiday 2019


Brand Spellbinders
Product Type Hot Foil Plates
Product Family Glimmer
Collection 2019 Holiday
Theme Holidays
Theme Alphabet, Numbers & Sentiments

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Ornament Glimmer Hot Foil Plate Holiday 2019 is a set of five plates and six etched dies. It includes a sphere-shaped ornament with its center open to add Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays in foil. Etched dies can be used to accent the foil design or layer to add dimension to the ornament.

Glimmer Hot Foil Plates add stunning foil features to any project from cards to mixed media and beyond. They are designed to be used with Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foil System (or other compatible hot foil system). Depending on its design, some plates may be used for letterpress and embossing.

Approximate Size:
Ornament Hot Foil Plate: 3.30 x 3.90 in. 8.40 x 9.90 cm
Merry Hot Foil Plate: 0.90 x 0.40 in. 2.30 x 1.00 cm
Christmas Hot Foil Plate: 1.50 x 0.40 in. 3.80 x 1.00 cm
Happy Hot Foil Plate: 0.80 x 0.40 in. 2.00 x 1.00 cm
Holidays Hot Foil Plate: 1.20 x 0.40 in. 3.00 x 1.00 cm
Pine Needle Branch Etched Die: 2.45 x 1.05 in. 6.20 x 2.70 cm
Mistletoe Branch Etched Die: 1.15 x 2.20 in. 2.90 x 5.60 cm
Poinsettia Etched Die: 1.65 x 1.75 in. 4.20 x 4.40 cm
Leaf Etched Die: 0.60 x 1.25 in. 1.50 x 3.20 cm
Berries Etched Die: 0.40 x 0.45 in. 1.00 x 1.10 cm
Oval Shape Etched Die: 1.95 x 1.15 in. 5.00 x 2.90 cm

Product Type:
Hot Foil Plates
Product Family:
2019 Holiday
Alphabet, Numbers & Sentiments