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Classic Bracket

Classic Bracket

SKU: E8-002

Price: $19.99 


For sophistication, elegance and maximum versatility, our new collection of these spectacularly detailed edging die templates combine to create more than 70 design options. Designed for use with the popular Spellbinders Grand Calibur™ Machine, Edgeabilities® die templates are durable and compatible with many other die cutting machines, as well. Each Edgeabilities design contains one edger and two decorative inserts, providing greater value and versatility.

The Classic Bracket Edgeabilities set includes an Edger that cuts/embosses the fancy bracket shape at one-inch intervals. The Decorative Inserts feature Fleur de Lis and Diamonds, and the other has hearts and circles, both set to one-inch intervals.

Spellbinders® Edgeabilities cut, emboss and stencil with a single die template.

Approximate Die Template Sizes:

Edger: ⅝ x 8"

Decorative Inserts:

Hearts: ¼ x 8"
Fleur de Lis: ¾ x 8"