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embossing-folder.jpgAdd a whole new dimension to your next DIY or creative endeavor. No creative tool adds so much bang to a project with such little work and investment. Embossing folders are the easiest and most fun tool you will ever use that gives you instant and amazing results . No matter if you are using paper, craft foil or the material of your choice, Em’Bossing Fold’ers will give you superior results in seconds and will make you want to get them all.

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Embossing Folders Donna Salazar Designs Medallion

SKU: SEL-008
Spellbinders® Em-bossing Fold'ers™ offers options for your beautifully detailed embossing and letterpress creations. Donna Salazar is a wife, mom, grandma, artist, designer, instructor and a kid at heart. Her playful nature comes across her products...
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